Kirsten performs both as soloist and as part of ensembles.

Kirsten performs on her own for a variety of occasions, including weddings and providing background for special occasions. She performs as soloist with choirs and harp ensembles, and in collaboration with other musicians.

Opus Four Flute Quartet

Kirsten, along with Cathy Bearg, Natasha Harrison, and Loyda Lastra, is a founding member of the flute Quartet Four. They performed in the Ottawa area from 2002 through 2012. Opus Four performed in recitals, receptions, in schools, at conventions, and recorded a CD with harpist Mary Muckle, Dances of the Lake... and other stories, released in 2008. 

Collaboration with harps

When possible, Kirsten performs with Ottawa harpist Mary Muckle and her various ensembles, performing a variety of styles of music, including contemporary and celtic.